Frequently asked questions

FAQ for clients

To book an appointment, you need to register with an Email, Google or Facebook account. You can book an expert by topping up funds to your e-wallet or directly by card payment.

You will receive a confirmation email shortly after the booking to the e-mail address you have entered at the registration. You can also see your booked appointments on your profile, in the Bookings section.

You will receive a link to the Homeklinik’s audio-video call 24 hours prior to the appointment on your email through which you will connect with the chosen expert. Alternatively, you can also access the link to the appointment in the Bookings section of your Homeklinik profile.

If an expert does not come to the consultation, the funds will be returned to your online wallet.

Yes! If you cancel an appointment 12 hours in advance, you will get a refund to your e-wallet.

This fee covers the payment processing fees charged by the third party payment providers and also the currency conversion fees. 

FAQ for experts

To join the Homeklinik platform as a healthcare professional you need to register with your e-mail or via Google or Facebook. To complete the registration, you will need to enter personal data such as telephone number, education data, a picture of an identity card or passport, a picture of your face, a picture of your diploma/degree or certificates and/or licenses, bank details (IBAN) and/or PayPal account. Learn more here.

Earned funds from the e-wallet are transferred to your account upon request. To withdraw funds, you must have at least 30 credits in your e-wallet. You can choose between two withdrawal options: bank transfer or PayPal (only if you don’t have an IBAN). If your bank account (IBAN) is within European Economic Area (EEA) earned funds will be converted and transferred to you in EUR (€) to your bank account (IBAN) via SEPA transfer. If you don’t have an EU bank account we advise you to register for free at and you will get for free an IBAN and EU receiving account. Please learn about other fees and payments here.

Homeklinik’s commission is 15%. Commission is charged when the funds are paid from the customer’s e-wallet to the expert’s e-wallet. Commission only applies for completed transactions between customer and expert.

The 15% commission enables Homeklinik to cover payment processing fees, helps maintain servicing a high quality operating platform and pays our support staff. In addition, charitable donations from calls performed on the website are taken out of this fee as well.

The expert determines the price of the consultation in USD. The price of a consultation for 30, 45 or 60 minutes is not necessarily linear. Homeklinik advises the experts to set the prices for 30, 45 and 60 minutes on a standalone basis. When determining the prices, keep in mind the 15% commission.

Credits are visible in the e-wallet no later than 24 hours after the consultation.

We strive to avoid fraud and not let any unlicensed healthcare professionals on the platform. We ensure high quality of our services by carefully reviewing every application and verify the accuracy of data within 24 hours. After 24 hours, you will be visible on the page and customers will be able to book a consultation with you.

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