Fees and payments

1. How do I get paid?

On your profile you will have a virtual e-wallet. After the appointment your earned funds will be safely transferred to it. 

2. What is the commission for providing services on the online platform?

Homeklinik’s commission is 15%. Commission is charged when the funds are transferred from the customer’s e-wallet to the expert’s e-wallet. In other words, in your e-wallet you will see the funds with our commission already charged. Commission only applies for completed transactions between customer and expert. 

3. How are e-wallet funds paid into my bank account?

Earned funds from the e-wallet are transferred to your account upon request. To withdraw funds, you must have at least 30 credits in your e-wallet. You can choose between two withdrawal options: bank transfer or PayPal (only if you don’t have an IBAN). If your bank account (IBAN) is within European Economic Area (EEA) earned funds will be converted and transferred to you in EUR (€) to your bank account (IBAN) via SEPA transfer. Important: If you don’t have an EU bank account we advise you to register for free at Payoneer.com and you will get for free an IBAN and EU receiving account.

4. What are the fees for withdrawing the funds?

Other banking fees may apply when transferring money from your e-wallet to your bank or PayPal account however these are not charged by Homeklinik but by each bank/payment provider individually. Currency conversion fees may apply as well. The bank sending fee for SEPA transfer is 6€. If you don’t have an EU bank account we advise to register for free at Payoneer. The Payoneer fees are one of the lowest, 0% for receiving and up to 2% for withdrawing to your bank account (learn about Payoneer’s fees here). You can also choose to have your funds payed out to your PayPal account. PayPal charges 3,4-3,9 % fee for receiving the funds +3 % currency conversion may apply (please check what are the fees for your country here). Lower fees apply if the funds are withdrawn via Payoneer as via PayPal.

5. When will I receive the funds?

We will collect withdrawal requests on the 30./31. of the month. Please submit your withdrawal request until then if you want to get paid by 10. in the next month.

6. Do I need to have a company or a registered business?

No. You can offer you services on Homeklinik as a physical person as well. Although there are also individuals with privately owned business who offer services on this platform. Keep in mind that you are responsible to report your income to responsible tax authorities.

7. Why is there a 15% commission?

The 15% commission enables Homeklinik to cover payment processing fees, helps maintain servicing a high quality operating platform and pays our support staff. In addition, charitable donations from calls performed on the website are taken out of this fee as well.

8. What is the price of the consultation?

The expert determines the price of the consultation in United States Dollar (USD $). The price of a consultation for 30, 45 or 60 minutes is not necessarily linear. Homeklinik advises the experts to set the prices for 30, 45 and 60 minutes on a standalone basis. When determining the prices, keep in mind the our 15% commission and other bank fees.

9. Why are there no funds in my e-wallet immediately after the consultation?

Funds are visible in the e-wallet no later than 24 hours after the consultation.